Just Like a Pill

door Michèl Nijdam

After releasing one of the most expensive bags ever created, the girls from The Row have upped their ante, creating a $55,000 backpack! And why wouldn’t they? If one is called Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, one shouldn’t be limited by something as irrelevant as money.

That’s why the girls have decided to work with none other than Mr. Controversial himself: Damien Hirst. The resulting project is a fascinating study in contrasts; the classic elegance of The Row’s black, crocodile leather backpack, adorned by the ever so rebellious hand of Hirst.


Signed by mister Hirst himself, each backpack features uniquely individual embellishments, from an assortment of real prescription pills (provided by none other than Ash and MK!), to Hirst’s signature spots. For a mere $55,000 one of these 12 statements can be yours!