O, how the mighty have fallen

door Michèl Nijdam

Following in the legendary and almost inimitable footsteps of Nicolas Ghesquière, it has just been announced that none other than that Wang-boy will take over at Balenciaga! Mistake, much?

Granted, present Balenciaga is all about the money, so Wang could be the perfect candidate to create ‘silhouettes’ for models, carrying their future It Bags every season and targeting a younger clientèle. But is that really what the House of B needs? It isn’t, is it? They need someone who understands silhouettes. They need someone with proper cutting skills. They need someone like Azzedine. Or Haider. Or Jil.

Don’t get me wrong, designers like mister Wang are the reason I’m still breathing, but I do not believe he has the technical skills, nor the creativity nor the craftmanship to design for a house as grand and innovative as Balenciaga.

With naming Alexander as the new creative directior, Balenciaga is unavoidably heading towards a new direction. But with a new direction come new ideas, and with new ideas comes a new House. So, R.I.P. Balenciaga.

Can someone contact that Wang-boy and tell him it is not too late to back out of this? I think I need to lie down for a minute..