The Wintour Diaries

Maand: november, 2012

O, how the mighty have fallen

Following in the legendary and almost inimitable footsteps of Nicolas Ghesquière, it has just been announced that none other than that Wang-boy will take over at Balenciaga! Mistake, much?

Granted, present Balenciaga is all about the money, so Wang could be the perfect candidate to create ‘silhouettes’ for models, carrying their future It Bags every season and targeting a younger clientèle. But is that really what the House of B needs? It isn’t, is it? They need someone who understands silhouettes. They need someone with proper cutting skills. They need someone like Azzedine. Or Haider. Or Jil.

Don’t get me wrong, designers like mister Wang are the reason I’m still breathing, but I do not believe he has the technical skills, nor the creativity nor the craftmanship to design for a house as grand and innovative as Balenciaga.

With naming Alexander as the new creative directior, Balenciaga is unavoidably heading towards a new direction. But with a new direction come new ideas, and with new ideas comes a new House. So, R.I.P. Balenciaga.

Can someone contact that Wang-boy and tell him it is not too late to back out of this? I think I need to lie down for a minute..


In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

Mark your calendars! On December 6, HBO is to broadcast a new documentary about Vogue! In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye will be all about yours truly! But, being the cordial, warm-hearted and ever so affectionate person I am (…), I’ve decided to let Grace and Tonne have their moment too. My assistants must have put something in my Starbucks, because I even approved of letting some editors I didn’t even knew were still working for me, open their mouth! What is happening to me?!

I’m seriously hoping this won’t be the start of a new career for Tonne, though! I don’t think I need to remind any of you as to what happened with a certain Creative Director after The September Issue..

By the way, do I not look amazing in that Prada outfit? No, no, that wasn’t a question!

‘Saint Saskia’

The only thing more awkard than Saskia de Brauw, is Saskia de Brauw in a menswear campaign for Saint Laurent Paris. Here (s)he is shining bright like a diamond! Yes, that is a woman!

Can someone contact Hedi and tell him using androgynous models is so last season. Granted, when Slimane designed for Dior Homme, his skinny suits for men were so popular that women snapped them up as well, but surely that shouldn’t be reason enough to use Saskia.. Of all the models he could cast.. Ew!

The Anna Archives

Does anyone remember this? Yeah, neither do I.. Why is that thing sitting next to me? And why am I not holding a Venti sugar-free-non-fat-soy double-pump almond half-pump mocha no whip Latte? What’s happening here? Are we even sure that’s actually me?!

Givenchy x H&M?

Seeing people tweet about the rumoured Givenchy x H&M collaboration is almost as funny as that time when Oscar wrote that letter to Cathy Horyn..  Awkward! Anyway, Givenchy x H&M is never going to happen, is it? I’m sorry. You see, Givenchy is owned by LVMH. And surely, it can not simply be a coincidence that no label from the LVMH stall has done a collaboration with H&M so far. Knowing LVMH, they will never bow down to collaborate with a degrading & cheap high street brand.

It’s clearly too early to tell anyways. In the mean time, I’m going to put my money on Balmain x H&M. Or Dolce. Or Dries. Hell, I’ll even put a dollar on that Wang-boy! Anything but Givenchy, really!

The original Devil..

What is it with people and their sudden obsession with Grace? Seriously, today I overheard my assistants calling her the Second Coming of Christ! Exaggerating much? And just yesterday, I noticed ‘Oh my Grace’ being a trending topic on Twitter! All of a sudden she’s all over the place. Everywhere I look I see this big, wavy ball of orange, dried out fuzz. And it’s disgusting.

“Grace, would you like to release your memoirs?”
“- OK, why not!”
“Oh, and would you like to be on the cover of I-D magazine?”
“- Sure!”
“Also, would you like to do a lecture at St. Martins?”
“- Do you even need to ask? Hell yes!”

I knew I shouldn’t have featured her in the September Issue. What was I thinking?! Since then, the woman has lost it. Lost it! Everytime we’re in a meeting she acts like she’s the Queen B of NYC! And she’s not! I AM! But you don’t see me boasting about it, do you? Ugh, why hasn’t anyone asked me to write a book? Or to be on the cover of a magazine? Why am I not asked to lecture at St. Martins?! It’s not fair!

This shady, shady bitch! I bet she’s planning a coup as we speak!